Templates are a very important part of being a wikian, from creating text to making a box.

What are Templates?Edit

Templates are basically a shortcut to what you would have to type out otherwise. To use a template, type the template name between two braces ( {{...}} ). For example, you could create a rainbow by using the {{Rainbow}} template.

Creating TemplatesEdit

To create your very own template, just create a regular page, but insert the name of the template you're going to make next to Template:. For example, if you wanted to create a template with the name "Hi!" you would type "Template:Hi!" In the page name. To code what you want the template to do, simply just put the code in the page. For example, if you wanted Template:Hi! to display the message "Hello world!" when used, you would simply type "Hello world!" in the content of the template page.

Current TemplatesEdit

Below is a list of the current USER-MADE templates. Add your own if you create one!

  • {{Rainbow}} displays this: rainbow
  • {{Username}} displays the name of the registered user viewing the page. For example, "Hello <insert name here>!" (Creepy, huh?)
  • {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, and {{Oppose}} displays either
This gets my


My views are

neutral... or

Sorry, I have to


Mainly used to agree or disagree with people/ideas.

  • {{Hello!}} displays this: HELLO!

  • {{Dubstep}} add some sick wubs to any forum thread.
  • {{Elevator}} can be used as a counter against {{Dubstep}}.
  • {{WTF}} lets Jon Jafari voice your utter confusion.
  • {{Bored}} displays to the world the absolute mundanity you are currently suffering.